The Rocky Mountain National Association of Theatre Owners (RMNATO) serves as a dedicated support network for cinema owners and operators across the six-state Rocky Mountain region, encompassing Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. RMNATO’s primary mission is to provide resources, advocacy, and community for its members, fostering collaboration and addressing industry challenges specific to the region.
The Rocky Mountain Theatre Convention, organized by RMNATO, plays a pivotal role in this mission by hosting an annual gathering where members come together to share information, insights, and best practices. Beyond its regional focus, the convention also extends its invitation to vendors, studio representatives, and cinema attendees from across North America. This inclusivity enhances the convention’s value by fostering a broader exchange of ideas, networking opportunities, and access to industry innovations.

By facilitating this annual event, RMNATO not only strengthens its own community but also contributes to the broader cinema industry by promoting collaboration and professional development among stakeholders from various sectors and geographical locations.

The Rocky Mountain Theatre Convention is proud of its modest size among the regional trade association events, garnering on average 150-175 total attendees (cinemas, vendors, studios).  All attendees are encouraged and invited to participate in all events, maximizing opportunities for interaction and relationship-building in a relaxed and productive environment.  Introductions are pleasant and easy to come by and often lead to lasting friendships.  Just ask any past attendee — they really enjoy this show!