Rocky Mountain NATO is a non-profit trade association that encompasses the six state region of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. The association is comprised of motion picture exhibitors, theatre owners and operators with facilities located in the six states.

Our membership includes independents, non-profits, regional and large circuits and membership is open to all exhibitors. Size does not matter and the smallest independent exhibitor has the same rights and input as the largest circuit. Each member’s opinion is valued and heard as an interest to the motion picture industry.

The purpose of this regional office:

  1. To grow and develop new programs and benefits for members.
  2. Provide region wide monitoring of industry related issues.
  3. Work with lobbyists, legislators, members and others, regarding proposed legislation that may affect our industry.
  4. Work with the national association on behalf of the regional association.
  5. Work with other regional units to present a strong and unified voice on behalf of the membership.
  6. Work with new members as well as potential members, providing information regarding the benefits of membership in the regional association.
  7. Create a strong unified voice regarding legislative issues on local, state and national levels.
  8. To promote and protect the interests of members in every lawful way.
  9. To maintain a strong voice so as to be able to better serve its members and the viewing public while promoting the industry as a whole.
  10. To host and direct the Rocky Mountain Theatre Convention every year.